Family Day: Strong String of Love and Care


Family is a network of relationships in which parents are connected to children, children are connected to parents via strong string of love and care. A sweet and secure feeling comes in our mind when we think about family.

So, we, the Team Solidarity decided to conduct a 2-day Family Day to create a friendly environment among the parents and children, and to recognize the importance of a prosperous family relationship. It is needed to develop awareness of a complete family, because there are many children, boys and girls who are the victims of broken family relationships and as a result, they are creating an unlawful activities and destroying their lives in doing criminal activities. People need to understand that separation and anger is not the solution of problem. Patience, love, care and discussion is the solution of problem.


Celebrating Family Day is important to us because it is a chance to stand in unity with families in our community who share in the successes and even in challenges and struggles that come with family life. It is an opportunity to celebrate our commitment to our family and our values.


Family is about relationships. Relationship is about love and affection, giving and receiving, respect and understanding, trusting and helping. It is about giving and receiving moral support in times of challenges; about holding a hand in the face of uncertainty.

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It is about sharing a joy, a joy which has no meaning in solitude.

See you there, friends 🙂